3 pk Spill Proof Universal Sippy Lids + Stainless Steel Cup


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3 Pack of Spill proof, universal sippy lids

  • Stretch over all regular sized (up to 7cm diameter) cups;
  • Spill proof;
  • BPA free;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Compact to fit in your handbag- great for creating a sippy cup on the go!

Small stainless steel cup

  • Indestructible non toxic stainless steel cup;
  • Premium rolled smooth edges;
  • Electropolished to prevent rust;
  • BPA free;
  • Dishwasher safe


Are your cupboards full of sippy cups? Do you ever have to throw your sippy cups out because your little one has chewed on the plastic spout? Are you forever trying to find matching lids for your sippy cups?

These BPA free, dishwasher safe, hygienic, easy to clean silicone sippy lids are the perfect solution!

They are a universal fit for most regular sized (up to 7cm diameter) cups, they are chew resistant, AND they provide a snug fit on your cup making them spill proof!

They are perfect for use at home, when out at dinner, shopping, at a relatives house, or for a mess free drink in the car, pram etc.

We do not recommend to use these lids with hot liquids.

Plus, the perfect cup to accompany your spill proof lids is the stainless steel 230ml cup. These cups are a small, perfect size for a toddler, they have smooth premium rolled edges for a smooth safe contact for your child with no sharp edges .

 The steel cups are indestructible and will not break when dropped.

No release of harmful chemicals that are common with plastic cups. 

They are Electropolished for safe drinking and non-metallic taste and will not retain odors or rust. These cups are Reusable, Unbreakable, Stackable, and 100% Sustainably Recyclable.

Comes with 6 month warranty

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3x Lids (Colour Pack 1), 3x Lids (Colour Pack 2)

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